Connecting the world throught the air

At Next Comunicaciones we offer Internet broadband and telephone services throughout the east and the west of Almería. Besides the capital, locations as Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar, El Ejido, Huércal de Almería, Pechina, Benahadux, El Alquián, Nijar, Mojácar, Turre, Lubrín, Albox, Vera, Pulpí, Huércal-Overa, Cuevas del Almanzora, Vélez-Rubio y Vélez-Blanco, Arboleas, Pulpí and a large etcetera already enjoy our services.


Unlike the rest of providers, Next Comunicaciones offers its services wirelessly, without the need for costly works of power lines, approaching to the citizen the great advances in wireless technology for arriving at areas where nobody comes and offering several additional services at truly attractive prices.

Origin and evolution

Next Comunicaciones S.A. started at the beginning of 2008, this date being the birth of our company among a group of experienced professionals in the field of telecommunications, that have already had a long career of more than 7 years working for other large companies in the same area, and it has been their desire to take a step forward and create their own internet access operator ISP.

Once both fields were converged, Next Comunicaciones S.A. built and launched in October 2009 its first telecommunications network in the Levante of Almeria, at first limited in scope that has been extended up to 14 people a year later, by which time we had 700 customers. We continue to expand and increase in users.

Since then NEXT has launched expanding along the peninsula map, establishing agreements for new deployments in other communities under different formulas (own network, network shares, franchise networks ...).










Professional team

Our team has been selected from among the highlights of our employees in the last 9 years, and some later additions.

Their best quality being their great delivery of knowledge. They are defined by making everything they do personal, by seeing the company as a whole, and by the understanding their client being their objective.

From our engineers and managers through to our administrative staff, to our important field technicians, all have the understanding that their work is to meet the needs that are required at all times.

Our way of working is based on understanding of teamwork, in which we have clearly defined roles and coordination with other departments Organization is the essential to the work flow that we have documented and controlled by a CRM that manages an automated procedure Any task beginning in any area proceeds to go through our systems going from one place to another in a sequence that ensures the proper tracking of a procedure. Each morning by turning on our computers, our team can see on their wall of our CRM the tasks that they have pending.


Material resources

Next Comunicaciones S.A. has all the material means to carry out all the work efficiently and effectively. On the other hand we have extensive facilities that make up an area of ​​customer service, a back office, a technical area or NOC (Network Operations Center) and our CPD (Data Processing Center). From here we manage the business side of Next.

In addition we also have secondary installations within the business from where we manage our main activity, such as storage, logistics and added value products (security, citizenship services, software development ...).

In the field activity of Next there is a fleet of vehicles fully equipped with everything necessary to ensure the best work performance in every circumstance.